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MetroMoms Tina Wysk and Barbara Arnondin featured eazzwraps in a segment on CBS11, March 2011. Watch the video.

Green Parents' List, eazzwraps all-in-one included in Top 10 picks for 2010 baby shower gifts, May 2010

Green Parents' listHot Trends Weekly, March 2010

Baby Maternity Retailer Magazine, February 2010, page 10

LilaGuide, Five Star Reveiws 2009

Fun And Funky Mommy, 2009

Style Cafe Moms, eazzwraps included in Celebrity Baskets, 2009-2010:

  • Elisabeth Hasselbeck
  • Jenna Elfman,
  • Sandra Bullock
  • Amanda Peet,
  • Camila Alves,
  • Kelly Preston & John Travolta

The Best and Hottest Products from Pregnancy to Preschool, 2009

Sacramento Parents Magazine, March 2009

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LA Baby Celebration: Baby Swags,  April, 2008

Moms With A View, April 2008

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Multiples Magazine: Twin Talk, June 2008

LA Magazine, Summer 2008


Gemma"Just wanted to say how much we love your blankets and burpies! Thanks!"

Daniel Chin

"My sister has the mommy and let me tell you she gets a lot of compliments! Simply Beautiful!! I have the Zachary, Zoey, and Mama Blankets and want to add more to my collection! These blankets are the BEST! They wash very well! My daughter has had the Mama blanket since she was born so you can imagine how many washes it's been through and it still looks beautiful!! (I've had to put it in the drier often cause when she wants her blankie I better have it for her!). "
Annies Meow Meow

Gemma"We have two of your beautiful blankets to ensure when one is being washed our daughter, Gemma, always has one to use. We also have several of the burp clothes which are good looking as well as durable and functional. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product!"
~ Louisa Gingery

"Thank you for just being so generous!
We LOVE all of the amazing goodies you have sent us! Thank you for thinking
of us! Much love,"
~ Kelly Rutherford, Hermes & Helena

"I bought this beautiful blanket prior to having my little girl and we love it."
~ Stacy

Stacy"I love the blanket.  It is beautiful!!!!"
~ Amanda

" I want to say THANK YOU for your AMAZING products! My daughter Audrey just adores her new blankie, she is so completely cozie whenever she's wrapped in it! She particularly enjoys her taggie toys so this blanket is PERFECT!!!"
~ Olivia & Audrey

"Our baby uses this blanket every day, she can'
sleep without it! We love it! We also plan to buy
another soon. Thank You."

JorgeLuis ~ The Anguiano's

"This is Jorge Luis, he's 8 months old and we don't leave the house without his eazzwrap blanket, it gives him shade to fall asleep in the car, it blocks the wind and it is big enough to use it on his stroller and to completely cover him."
~ Anel

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